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Mine Earth

Mine closure is what we do. And we’re really good at it.

Mine Earth is an industry-leading, ethically-motivated mine closure consultancy. Our practical, cost-effective solutions lead to positive legacies for future generations. Our highly experienced and diverse team are equipped with unique, practical skills in all facets of mine closure.

Mine Earth was established in 2010 from a passion for mine closure and desire to build an ethically-motivated, world-leading consultancy.

We’re a team of professional geologists, engineers, ecologists, soil scientists, geochemists, environmental scientists and practitioners with unparalleled experience in mine closure and rehabilitation. Our team have been working in the field of mine closure and rehabilitation since the early-2000s and have pioneered many of the leading approaches to mine closure.

We’re innovative and utilise the latest technology to improve the work we do — to deliver pragmatic, practical solutions that can be realistically achieved. As a part of the intergenerational legacy we leave, we’ve planted native trees to voluntarily offset 100% of our carbon footprint.

Mine closure can be complex

There are many elements to consider for mine closure, and sometimes, these can be complex.

Successful closure outcomes don’t need to cost more, but they do require early planning and an experienced team that can develop simple, effective solutions. Mine Earth does just that — we specialise in mine closure and are industry leaders. We develop simple solutions to sometimes complex problems.

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