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Geofabrics is in the business of geosynthetic engineering and building key infrastructure across Australasia for over 40 years. We are focused on developing new and innovative products and providing our customers with world’s best solutions to complete civil engineering projects.

We work to protect, contain and secure the physical environment using smart geotextile and geosynthetic products.

Geosynthetic engineering utilises synthetic materials to improve construction of roads and rail, tailings and water storages, and other key minesite infrastructure. A geosynthetic solution achieves more cost effective, environmentally superior, and safer mining operations and closure of sites.

We partner with our clients to better achieve their ESG shareholder demands of achieving profits that are responsibly gained;

Environmental benefits are achieved through world leading research and innovation that creates products that reduce contaminant risk. Our geosynthetic solutions reduce the carbon footprint of traditional construction for offset benefit, and recyled content is maximised to reduce the environmental legacy of sourcing virgin material.

Social outcomes: Geofabrics are the only Australian manufacturer of geosynthetic products, distributing throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We responsibly source all raw materials in manufacturing and invest heavily to employ local staff, utilise Australian partners, and maximise Australian sourced recycled content to reduce waste that would otherwise end up in landfill. Our Underground and Open Cut Rockfall Protection Systems ensure that mining operations are conducted with maximum safety, and staff return home from their shift.

Governance: Our corporate ethos requires transparency from the raw material to finished product. This ensures responsibly sourced virgin and recyled materials are utilised. Our dedication to technical excellence means Geofabrics can demonstrate the use of Geosynthetics to achieve site legal environmental obligations, but our dedication to Innovation means that mining companies who are governed to achieve best practice, can demonstrate it transparently.

Our industry partnership with TenCate Geosynthetics and our own mining capability spans across stabilising haul road and hardstand areas, rail formation construction and maintenance, rehabilitation and erosion control, slope stability and rockfall protection, containment and lining for tailings dams and waste, mine site remediation and mining grids for underground mining operations.

We supply world-class technical leadership and engineering support through our innovation, research, industry education, design and independent testing services. Our Geosynthetic Research, Innovation & Development (GRID), a specialist R&D laboratory based in Queensland works with our clients to develop the right geosynthetic solution for complex problems including mine rehabilitation and revegetation.

We’re backed by strong industry partnerships with The University of Queensland, Engineers Australia, The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS), Austmine and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council.

For more information on how Geofabrics can help you with your next mine closure project, visit www.geofabrics.co or go to our solution builder website www.geofabricsmining.com.au.



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