Mine Closure 2022 Industry Sponsor


Calibre is a leading environmental, engineering and project delivery partner to owners and operators of mining and processing facilities.  We assist our clients to leave a positive legacy through the identification of sustainable and future value generating land-uses that meet social responsibility obligations during study phases and safely execute closure, decommissioning and rehabilitation.

Calibre have a strong track record in designing mine landforms and infrastructure with closure aspects at the forefront, to reduce the long-term closure risks associated with mine development opportunities or options during the constructability and operational phases. This means planning the location of mine structures to ensure they do not limit options for future value, and delay an area of land coming available for rehabilitation or improvement so that closure liability is minimised.

We develop Mine Closure and Rehabilitation Plans capturing the opportunity assessment to support the Regulatory Approvals Applications and to establish success criteria with clients’ community stakeholders.

Mine closure landforms and features infrastructure are assessed and planned against future economic value opportunities:

  • Protection of environmental values of the site, receiving environment and matters of significance
  • Alignment with surrounding land-uses and sensitive receptors
  • Proximity to the open pit exits/ exists or public safety risks
  • Gradient of the mine development envelope in terms of drainage from landforms and material movement costs
  • Local and regional topography and visual Impacts
  • Surface and ground water features (quality, quantity and seasonal variations)
  • Geotechnical conditions and suitability for the structure and future rehabilitation challenges including seepages
  • Operational management such as extractive methods
  • Size, shape and design of mine features such as tailings facilities

Our value adding services are focused on benefits creation, such as:

  • Reducing destruction of future valuable opportunities
  • Maximising opportunities for minimising long-term management requirements and capital costs at closure.
  • Transparency and opportunities for stakeholder engagement throughout the early development phases.

The Calibre multidisciplinary team of environmental, engineering, contracts strategy, estimating and project execution management specialists is bringing the much-needed experience in addressing the challenges in decommissioning of assets and reaching rehabilitative state.  We support clients through the closure process lifecycle that provides assurance that risks are managed in a safe and sound manner and are compliant with regulatory drivers meeting community expectations.

Calibre is proud to have been involved in planning, engineering and executing some of major mining closure operations, focused on collaboration, accountability and transparency in working with all stakeholders.  

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