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3D Data Guidance

3D Data Guidance Pty Ltd (3DDG) specialises in providing efficient landform design and construction solutions to the Mining, Agriculture, Land Reclamation and Civil Sectors, assisting our clients to achieve reductions in construction time, costs, and emissions.
3DDG have a proven record in creating earthwork designs and guidance that reduces dozing costs. 3DDG have identified over $500 million in potential savings for clients. This saving is directly related to fuel usage and CO2 emissions and would be equivalent to taking 167,500 cars worldwide off the road for one year period.
3DDG can design and manage the building of landforms with inhouse software and a “build to design” system which ensures that the earthworks are carried out efficiently, to reduce costs and increasing construction accuracy to reduce erosion problems. This is achieved by:

  • Using 3D software to simulate the movement of material in the office before construction begins in the field. This enables budget costs, construction review and scheduling information to be created and evaluated before the construction of the design has commenced.
  • Creating earthworks and rehabilitation designs that are optimised for the equipment used during construction.
  • Creating multiple Final Landform scenarios with differing design parameters that can then be compared for volume moved, construction cost and erosion  characteristics.
  • Working with customers throughout the construction process to enable continuous improvements to design and construction practices.
  • Delivering a process to monitor and review on-the-job performance by reporting statistics on production rates, push directions and dozer utilisation.
  • Utilising innovative technologies to improve rehabilitation outcomes such as wave ripping and geomorphic design software.
  • Developing new mining methods that simultaneously reduce cost of mining and cost of rehabilitation.
  • Creation of LOM final landform designs to provide accurate cost modelling for ERC and PRCP processes, including producing Final Landform DTM models that can later be used for construction.

3D Data Guidance’s advanced technologies and in-house experience enable us to deliver a service unlike anyone else in the industry. As well as having proprietary software developed over 12 years, 3DDG holds 5 patents in 5 countries on innovative dozing techniques and erosion mitigating surface textures.
The company’s goal is to turn mine site liabilities into world class sustainable assets.

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