Conference Workshops

16th International Conference on Mine Closure
2–5 October 2023 | Nugget Casino Resort, Reno, Nevada, USA

A number of associated workshops will run alongside the Mine Closure 2023 Conference.


This workshop will focus on three pressing and strongly interconnected issues facing the global mine closure community: climate resiliency, biodiversity and ecosystem recovery, and socio-economic transitioning. The workshop aims to facilitate “cradle to cradle” custodial transfer of closed mines, and to provide a holistic approach beyond policy to transform and position mines for successful transition to the next land use.

Creating Value from Closure

The workshop will look at mine closure being viewed as an opportunity to reduce overall liability for mining companies while finding value in unexpected places. ERM has developed tools to help mining companies define, refine, assess, and choose preferred closure options that result in reduced liabilities, alternative closure visions, and finding value where it wasn’t seen previously. The objective of this workshop is to conduct an interactive working session where attendees can learn how to seize opportunities to create value.


Developing Effective Closure Success Criteria: A Hands-on Workshop

This workshop aims to provide an applied understanding of the development and application of success criteria for mine closure planning. The workshop will focus on how to generate, apply, and adapt success criteria considering various factors such as the status of a mine site, types of landforms involved, and site-specific end land use targets. Attendees will learn how to define success in closure in consideration of various end land use targets, think critically about what the criteria mean for monitoring pre- and post-mining, and consider how one might quantify success for the spectrum of physical, chemical, ecological, and social criteria.

Mine Waste Cover Systems, Surface Water and Erosion Control for Closure System Design

This half-day workshop will provide an integrated assessment of the factors affecting mine waste drainage across a variety of climatic environments. It will also present standard and cutting-edge methods for controlling acid rock drainage. The workshop is designed for mine operators and consultants who practice in the areas of mine water management and mine closure to enhance their knowledge and provide tools for the design, modeling, and monitoring of mine water management systems.

Clean Water by Design: Integrating Landform Design and Legacy Water Treatment

This half-day workshop aims to expose mining practitioners to various active mining and closure landforms and their influence on mine water management.

It will discuss the value of respecting water’s sacred place in Indigenous Knowledge systems and integrating it into the design process. The course objectives are to encourage mining practitioners to think beyond conventional approaches to landforms and expand their view of cost-effectiveness to include lifecycle costs associated with post-closure and returning land use.